roject code: 2016-1-IT02-KA219-024333
Title: G.R.E.E.N. in EUROPE ( Green Entrepreneurial Education Network ) in Europe
Duration: 24 months – Action: Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only – Call: 2016

Priority Horizontal: Improve achievement in relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in a lifelong learning perspective – School Education: Strengthening the profile of the teaching professions


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I.C. Renato Moro di Taranto – Italy
School Leader


Legal Representative – Headmaster : Loredana Bucci  – email :

Official contact person: Michela Leandro – email:

Contact person : Luca Pellegrino Battista – email:

Contact person: Gabriella Morgese – email:

Account Google Drive:



Gilwern Primary School – U.K. / Wales
School Partner


Legal Representative – Headmaster : Roger Guy  – email :

Official contact person: Brady Edwards – email:

Contact person:  Helen Tompkins – email:

Contact person:  Melanie Millington – email:

Account Google Drive:


Colegio Del Sagrado Corazon En Bermeo  – Spain / Basque Country
School Partner


Legal Representative – Headmaster : Enrique Leandro Zabala  – email :

Official contact person: Itziar Toja – email:

Contact person:  Edurne Asla – email:

Contact person:  Eneko Juaristi – email:

Account Google Drive:

137 Secondary school “Angel Kanchev”  – Bulgaria
School Partner


Legal Representative – Headmaster : Vladimir Mikov – email :

Official contact person: Rositsa Dimova – email:

Contact person:  Stefka Manoillova – email:

Account Google Drive:


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