Junior Achievement activities: “Our family” (2)

  1. Familiarizing with the “Our Family” program. Children define what a family is, they discover on the poster how family members work together to make better the place where they live. Children also fill in the diary with stickers by first discovering on the poster who does a certain activity, then they cut the image and apply it over the symbol on the page.

  1. There are objects and tools placed in a box – the students name them and say in which profession these find application.





  1. Understanding the concepts of map, symbols, signs, legend.

Working with the map of Bulgaria

  1. Symbol map – hospital, school, library, residential building, police station

Goal – to orientate where we are and how to get to a place.


  1. Needs and desires

Home and restaurant layout

  1. “Make a gift for a friend!” Making frames for photos of vine sticks together with students from 11th grade / You have pictures of your camera.
  2. Finalizing the program and distributing certificates for program completion.



Junior Achievement activities: “Our family” (1)

  1. Theme “Our family”

„It is easier, when we help each other

We work as a team, we think, color, create a book with pictures, we draw family portraits.

  1. Theme „Needs and wishes“

We discuss, color, distinguish cards with the inscription “need” and “wish“


  1. Theme „To pay for our needs and wishes”

„One zero, but how important it is

There are older guest students, who help in the role-play games and tasks.


  1. Theme „The professions in our family“

„One for all, all for one

Consultants are Zornitza and Eli (mothers of children from the class). We listen to parents’ stories about their professions, the children also share what their parents’ professions are. We play educational – cognitive and racing games. We work as a team. We create gift certificates.

  1. Theme „Find the map“

„It is important to be able to orient yourself“

We target the map, get to know the terms “symbol” and “legend”. We work in a team and take part in role-playing games.

We are happy, that we have learned so much!“