The winners of the competition “The best advertising and the best business plan”

The winners of the competition “The best advertising and the best business plan” launched within the Erasmus + project “G.R.E.E.N. in Europe ” – S.Y. 2017/2018.

The I.C. “RENATO MORO” as Coordinator School of the project, has launched a competition called “The Best Advertising” and “The Best Business Plan” aimed to award the “best advertising” and the “best business plan” made by the European partner schools of the project. The competition was open to all students aged 6-14 enrolled in one of the four partner schools involved in the above project.

The projects  required were:

“Advertising campaign”
6-10 years old students

“Business Plan”
11-19 years old students


It had to be creative and put in evidence:

a typical product of their own country or one of the partners’ country;
A “best practice” concerning “eco-sustainability” to “import” or to “export” in one of the project partner country.

The winner of this category was the work of the third class section A of the I.C. “RENATO MORO” of Taranto – ITALY – entitled:
Enhance our Area… and ADVERTISING“.

Here is the link to the post of the presentation of the awarded work:

“Enhance our Area… and ADVERTISING” – Italy –
In the “Best Advertising” competition


Students of Middle or High Secondary School made a simple business plan that was based upon a productive process, a product or a Green Service. The entrepreneurial idea of the business plan had to respect at least one of the 17 Goals indicated by ONU in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The entrepreneurial idea had to be shown by means of a multimedia hypertext with free technique.

The winner of this category was the work of the student team “Rivogliamo Taranto in Startup” of the I.C. “RENATO MORO” of Taranto – ITALY – entitled: “HEMP BAG “.

Here is the link to the post of presentation of the awarded work:

“HEMP BAG” – ITALY -In the “Best Business Plan” competition


Below we enclose the summary of the votes of the jury of teachers who have rewarded the two best jobs on a selection of products made by individual partners.

Advertising-Votes – PDF

Business Plan-Votes- PDF

The Best Advertising -Vote-Form- PDF

The Best Business-Plan -Vote-Form – PDF

The award ceremony of the competition took place on  May, 17 2017 during the closing conference of the Erasmus + “G.R.E.E.N. in Europe ” which took place in Taranto  (Italy)  at the” Istituto Comprensivo Renato Moro”.

The works submitted were all very interesting and were the result of a very hard work carried out by students and teachers from all the partner countries. These products enabled the teachers’ team to measure the educational value of this project

We thank once again all those who have committed themselves to this ambitious and innovative project.


MOROLLINI: typical Apulian snack – ITALY – In the “Best Advertising” competition

The work presented in this post was made by the students of the 5th E class of the primary school of the “Istituto Comprensivo Renato Moro” of Taranto and was selected to participate in the “The Best Advertising” contest.
The work is the synthesis of the packaging design path of a typical Apulian snack that has all the characteristics to be a biological and sustainable product in its production chain.


One of the classes of our 10 years old students of the primary school today have worked together with a group of students of the low secondary school (13 years old)  to realize something very interesting!

The “packaging” of a product!

The children of the primary school, after having studied the “process” that leads to the biological production of a typical  apulien food product, have thought how to “package” it !

They made a lot of drafts and written some procedures underling the importance of using “recycled” materials!

At the end, with the help of the low secondary school students, their tutor during the activity, they made a lot of different “packaging”proving their “entrepeneurial skills”!

The experience has been great!

And now…. we are starting  working  on the “advertising poster”!


Thanks to our Erasmus+ project, students of the Primary School are exploring with great interest the “secrets” of the advertising process!

With the help of one “expert” in “Communication and marketing”, mother of one of the pupil involved in the project, the young 10 years old learners in Taranto are  testing their “creative” abilities in producing “storylines” and “storyboards” . It’s a wonderful experience!

Meeting the “expert”!

Working in “group” ! Be cooperative , to be “creative”!

From the “storyline” to the “storyboard”


Here is the link to the whole learning experience!