A Common Logo



“A Common Logo “

“A competition to choose a Logo for the G.R.E.E.N in Europe Erasmus+ Project”

a.s. 2016/2017


Art.1: Purpose of the contest

The I.C. “RENATO MORO” as Coordinator School of the project, launches a competition called “A Common Logo” to create a logo to identify the G.R.E.E.N in Europe Erasmus + Project.


The competition is open to all  students aged 6-14 enrolled in one of the four partner schools  interested by the above project. Students are required to design and draw a logo representing all the partner countries  (Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Wales)and symbolizing the eco-sustainable “green” development idea to protect the environment in all the countries.


Art.2 Features of the logo

The logo shall show at least one symbol representing the four countries involved in the project and some references to the G.R.E.E.N in Europe Erasmus + Project, in this regard, the following “tags” could be useful to inspire the creation of the logo: green- Europe- environment- nature- research- actions-eco-friendly development


The logo shall be colorful, creative and shall highlight the positive aspects of each partner country.


The logo shall be freehanded drawn on an A4 white paper sheet.


The logo shall meet the following requirements, on pain of elimination:


  • Shall interpret the values of the R.E.E.N in Europe Erasmus + Project, be original, NOT repeat other previous or developing projects, NOT trace or imitate logos already in use in other schools or other public and private bodies;
  • Shall be suitable to be enlarged and reduced in its sizes without loosing its graphic characteristics and its communicative effectiveness
  • Shall be designed on the basis of its effective reproducibility on different materials: seals, cards, invitations, headed paper, posters etc.;
  • Shall provide the two year period 2016-2018 indicating the lifetime of the project;
  • Shall show references to the R.E.E.N in Europe Erasmus + Project and/or UE.


Art. 3: Copyright
The logo shall be solely designed  for this competition. The Logo shall be made public mentioning the author’s name.


Art. 4: General rules for selection of the winner

Each school partner can take part to the contest with up to 3 works. A preliminary internal selection of eligible 3 works shall be made in each partner school. Each school shall appoint an internal board that shall award 0 to10 points to each work. The total score shall be based on the sum of individual points given to each work.


The Internal Board shall consist of 7 members: the School Principal, the Vice Pincipal, an Administrative Assistant, a Literacy Teacher, an Art Teacher, a Technology Teacher and an EnglishTeacher. The Board shall choose the winning Logo on the basis of its aesthetic quality, artistic value and communicative immediacy. The Board decision is intended be final and cannot be contested.

Each school partner shall upload the three works on the project Facebook Website (https://www.facebook.com/greenineurope/) where they can be voted hitting the “like” button until 27th January 2017 at 01:00 p.m. Each work

At the end of the vote, the highest scoring work, the most “liked” one  shall be the winner.

Art. 5: Announcement of the winner

The highest scoring Logo maker shall be the winner.


Art. 6: Prizes

The winner will get the recognition to see his/her logo issued on the Web, on posters and project papers of the four European partner schools


Art. 7: Acceptance of the rules and information

The participation in the competition implies the full acceptance of these rules. This Contest notice shall be available for consultation on the Website of the project, on the official notice board and on the website of IC “R:Moro”-Taranto, Italy.


Art.8 Terms and conditions to delivery the works

The three works of each school shall be directly uploaded on the project Facebook Website  within 27th January 2017 at 01:00 p.m. indicating the name of the country, the name of the school and the name, surname and class of his/her designer

Each work shall bear the abovementioned details also  on the back of the paper sheet.


Taranto ,     19 december 2016


Loredana BUCCI

School Principal

I.C. “R. Moro”-Taranto, Italy

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