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Exoplant is a service that offers you exotic seeds to plant your plant and also includes an app to consult any doubt about your plant and its care.

Our idea is unique, since we have the new generation of explanations thanks to the app and the internet. If you have any questions about how to care for your plant, access the application and you have all the information you need, for example, videos, informative texts … and if all this has not been clear to you, you can consult an Exoplant professional for a chat. No other competitive product offers these aids to maintain and take good care of your plant.

People buy this product, because they know that Exoplant is going to be there to help in any doubt.


Exoplant customers can be from anywhere in Spain

Our clients can be of all ages, as if it is a child or an adult. They would be people who would like gardening and have some experience in the care of plants, that is, they would have had a plant before.

Also, they should be people who would have a lot of free time, since these plants would need a lot of care and responsibility.


There will be 2 physical stores in Bilbao where customers can buy seeds from the plants.

-The first one will be in the most central place of Bilbao, great way.

-The second one will be in the Zubiarte shopping center.

There will also be an online store where you can buy the seeds and find information about it.

Our business is going to become important thanks to social networks such as instagram, facebook, twitter. It is also important thanks to whatsapp and gmail, since we will send all the information to all the contacts that we have added, to our friends, we will also tell them to spread this great idea.

We will also be advertising putting posters of exoplant around the towns of Bilbao.

-The name of our company is exoplant, this name is unique and easy to pronounce


-We try to make good practices so that the company is the best possible.

We buy some seeds in Thailand, as it is a very poor city and to help people in need.

We also try to make the treatment of clients and workers as good as possible so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

We try to set realistic goals for the company since we want to grow all over the world but we know that it will take time

-Will improve the environment since we sell seeds of natural plants and that will help makee the planet greener and help society to be more careful with the planet.

We try to make the product accessible to all the public, that’s why we will sell it at a fair price and not very high.


-The first costs of our company will be to pay both premises, that are the rents, water and light, wifi, wages of workers, installation of the room.

-Before starting with all this we need to buy seeds of exotic plants, bags and boxes for shipments to other parts of Spain.

-The heads of exoplant, that is, we have been saving for a long time.

-We asked for a loan to the bank to start well with all this.


-Each worker will charge 1600 euros taking into account that there are 6 workers and a computer scientist. In total 11200  euros in workers per month.

The place would be 250 and 300 euros per month. In account 550 euros per month.

The stores will open at 9 and close at 8 and the workers work shifts, each worker works 5 hours

We will have to travel to Thailand for it, we will send 2 people and all expenses would be 750 euros.

The seeds will cost from 0.65 cents to approximately 1 euro per seed.

-The application costs 4.99 euros

-Twice a year we usually go to thailand to do the commission for a year and to verify that everything we are going to ask for is in good hands and that it is of good quality. The expenses of this trip are usually the plane, the stay, and the export of the plants.To create the application we have our technician, this also means an expense but he is through the application to help any client.


We think about getting together with a Thailand company, whose sets are the ones we sell, but at the end it was better for us to be our own company, so we have smaller expenses.


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