CHILL EYES – BASQUE COUNTRY – In the “Best Business Plan” competition



  • Creating organic contact lenses (without mercury)
  • It is a product
  • All the liquid of the contact lenses have inside of it mercury so our product can offer an a liquid without mercury.
  • Gaixotasun larri ugarien edo ondoeza izatetik kenduko dizu.
  • Osasunerako askoz hobeagoa dela eta merkurio ez izatea kontaktuzko lenteekin denbora gehiago igarotzea lortzen du.


  • Our customers are those that need contact lenses.
  • All of them.
  • They should be economically standard, we mean that they will not need a lot of money to be able to buy it.
  • My customer is a person sensitive with nature, and also is concerned about health.


  • To the ones that use contact lenses.
  • We will send it to the pharmacy and we will sell it online too.
  • We would advertise it on television and on the Internet
  • Yes, it is unique and memorable. And we think that the name of the product is easy to pronounce and memorize. 


  • That our customers don’t have any problems on their health. I mean that we are going to make a product without mercury.
  • That the contact lenses stop carrying dangerous products for the body.
  • Making things that are good for the customers and for the environment.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: It isn’t going to wreck the atmosphere never again because of the liquid of the contact lenses.

ECONOMIC: It is going to cost a little bit more, because of the cost of the product that we need (to change the mercury).

SOCIAL: We think that this product is going to get down the number of accident with contact lenses.


  • The first thing that we need to do this product is the bismuth.
  • We need the bismuth that is the principal material of the product, a part of this we need all the material of the liquid of the contact lenses (without the mercury), in the equipment we need qualified staff in science (specifically people that know how work with the bismuth).
  • The bismuth costs 11.750€/kg, taking into account that the bismuth isn’t a natural product it needs to be synthesized a little bit. We need the Hyaluronate liquid (because is the liquid who makes it possible to be in contact with the eye)  that cost over the 5€/1 bottle of 50ml and to our workers (they are going to be 12) are going to have a salary of 2.000€.
  • First we are going to put publicity: In the TV we are going to put in 2 channels (Telecinco and Antena 3). At Telecinco the publicity is going to appear at 16:00 (6.000€) during 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) per week during 1 month and at Antena 3 is going to appear at 13:30 (3.500€) during 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) per week during 1 month.
  • Of our savings and the campaigns that help us about the money and publicity
  • We are going to take money out of our saving accounts.


  • A bottle of 100ml cost over 15€, a bottle of 360ml cost over 20€ and a pack with 3 bottles of 220ml cost over 32€.
  • We would like to sell 1000 bottles by size. So, if we spend 72.500€ and earn 71.300€.


  • With a non-governmental organizations. Specifically, we are going to talk with the creator of “4 L.O.V.E Projects” to help us with expenses and advertising. 


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