Let’s talk about “RivogliAMO Taranto… in startup!” – Italian spin-off of the Erasmus+ project “G.R.E.E.N. in Europe”


RivogliAMO Taranto project was born 3 years ago. This year the I.C. Renato Moro has taken a step further, introducing the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship through “RivogliAMO Taranto… in startup.”

After the “Best practices” theme of last year, as indicated by the Erasmus project – G.R.E.E.N. – this year we have faced sustainable entrepreneurship.

In addition to external visits, thanks to which the students got to know and study some of the best local entrepreneurial realities – real examples of sustainable entrepreneurship – they also learned how to write and to complete a business plan.

In fact, during the lessons in the classroom, the kids simulated the launch of a product on the market: the HEMP BAG. It is a shopping bag for tourists made entirely by hemp, which is a textile fiber cultivated in Taranto, our city, and it is a very powerful fiber because it cleans the air from dioxin and pollutants.

HEMP BAG, therefore, in addition to being the first gadget of the city of Taranto – you think, it also contains a map with the most beautiful local itineraries – it is an excellent example of sustainable entrepreneurship and it sends a positive message to the city.

For this task, the students were divided into groups; to each group has been assigned a well-defined professional role.

The logo of HEMP BAG – which was finally printed through 3D printing – was created by the Design group, which has invented the name and the brand identity.

The Commercial group was responsible for defining product costs and profitability targets.

The Social media group has created a strategy for launching the Hemp Bag on the market through the main social network: Facebook and Instagram above all.

The Press group made the launch announcement for online and offline newspapers, blogs, radio and TV.

The Web designer group took care of the creation of the website.

In short, we have the first children company in history! 😊

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