Sustainable company Eggplant


Best practices related to the theme of sustainability that are related to business ideas, productive activities that could create a value that is not only economic.

 Describe the BEST PRACTICE

 Proposer Country : Italy


To which subject  of the Sustainibility does it refer?

7 – affordable and clean energy and, to a lesser extent

12 – responsible consumption and production.


Who does it practise ?

Eggplant S.r.l. – Domenico Centrone, Vito Emanuele Carofiglio and Paolo Stufano.

 Where? (If it belongs to B type, please indicate the geographic place)

 In the Apulia Region,  in Southern Italy, Bari.


Since 2013.

Why do you think that this best practice can be exported?

Because I think to reuse the scraps of the urban’s activities is really helpful to fight the wastage.

Describe the activity

This company provides advanced bioplastic-based solutions. It reuses organic leftovers and waste waters coming from towns to make new materials -such as fertilizer- and sell them on the market. One of the most important goals of the company is to obtain final products without contributing to pollution.


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