Food is a human right – celebrating harvest in Wales



1 – No poverty, 2 – Zero Hunger, 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Who? Where? When?

The Trussel Trust is a charity that operates across the UK. They aim to make sure that people do not go without food if they find they are not able to afford food due to loss of work or other changes in their circumstances. They operate ‘food banks’ across the UK. We have a local food bank in the nearby town of Abergavenny. You can read about the work of the Trussel Trust here:


Food poverty leads to great hardship and difficulty. It affects people’s health and well being. By working together to ensure everyone is fed we are creating stronger communities. Many families give to the food bank at the supermarket and many churches help with the collection of food. At harvest time it is becoming increasingly common for school children to collect packets and tins for the food bank.

Describing the activity:

Each year in the autumn schools in Wales hold an assembly to celebrate the Harvest. Traditionally we display fruit and vegetables but this year we collected and displayed tins and packets of dried food because it can be stored for longer. We talked about how food is not shared fairly around the world.

Most children brought in a food item to create this collection. It was important that everyone felt involved in creating the gift.

Once we had bagged up all the items it was taken to the local food bank by a volunteer. The food bank needs volunteers to run the bank. This volunteer is a parent at our school.


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