Masseria Cappella: green example for food, environment and breed


Best practices related to the theme of sustainability that are related to business ideas, productive activities that could create a value that is not only economic.

 Describe the BEST PRACTICE

 Proposer Country : Italy


To which subject  of the Sustainibility does it refer?

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

15 – Life on Land

Who does it practise ?

The Trisolini Family.

 Where? (If it belongs to B type, please indicate the geographic place)

 In the Apulia Region, more in detail in Martina Franca (Itria Valley) in Southern Italy.


The activity has been starting around 1800, three generations ago.

Why do you think that this best practice can be exported?

We think that this best practice can be exported because it helps the tourism of the Apulia region to grow up. And it is a good practice even at company level. Infact, Masseria Cappella makes you taste its dairy and bakery products made in a natural and biological way in the farm.

Describe the activity

Masseria Cappella offers a unique experience ranging from gastronomy to discover beautiful landscapes, culture, relaxation involving schools, too. Masseria’s educational activity makes the farming practice accountable and endowed with pedagogic role ensuring value and devotion to the environment through the fostering of the land, giving it the chance of “schooling”.
Moreover, holiday farm offers a warm welcome to all the guests that come to this old structure, surrounded by wide open spaces, woodland, carefully cultivated crops and animals free to graze into the nature; the ideal spot for those who appreciate the peace and quiet of the countryside and at the same time the proximity of the wonderful tourist sites of Puglia. Finally, it makes bakery and dairy products made in a natural and biological way in our farm where you can find horses, cows and goats.




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